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This account has been around for one year and three months! It’s where I started my krp experience, where I have spent countless hours talking to fabulous people, as well as less-than-fabulous people. I’ve met so many people that I have been lucky enough to learn from, and some who have become my best friends. I have a stunning 18k+ post count, and an unnerving number of over 700 followers. There have been a lot of ups and downs, and over time, this account has gathered quite a bit of baggage. 

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take better care of myself. And although I’ve been very reluctant to admit this, I think it’s time to put down everything that’s been weighing me down lately. Letting go of things, putting the past to rest. Of course I’m keeping this blog just as it is, for memory’s sake, so any one can come back and revisit the good times. But it will no longer be updated. 

I’ll still be around. You better send an ask and catch me if you can!



abundance of nature;; by (_miqqi)

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[slowly swipes the tissue from his face, meeting your gaze for a split second before he averts his eyes] H-hi, Gain noona.


Aw, don’t— don’t look so sad! -starts to laugh, nudging you with her elbow- I’ll… I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you said.


I think one of the best feelings is someone saying they missed you. Even though it’s just a small comment and most people kind of brush it off, think about it. Someone actually cared that you weren’t there and took the time to tell you.

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I’m crying

[hands you a box of Kleenex] Shh, no. Noona’s ass is a lot better.

…I MEAN…I WOULDN’T KNOW. I JUST— [shuts himself up, wordlessly taking a tissue from the box to place it over his face like a veil] 



No one has to mark anything down-

Aw, cute noona. Yes, I’ll take that heart.


Then I’m gonna write it in my diary. 

You’ve already got a place in my heart though.

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I broke my own heart loving you.
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Don’t give me that face…

You’re gonna make me say it..

You’re gonna make me fucking say it…

I love you.


Oh my god… you… you said it! Someone mark this down in history!

I love you too, Channie!! ♥

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Okay, fine, I’ll admit it.



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What are you talking about?

I confessed to you, already, you shit. Don’t make me repeat myself.


Say it. Say it out loud.

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chanheexlee replied to your post:hwayng replied to your post:All hail the gain…
More like die of lack of sleep cause of nightmares.

Why do you hate me. 

hwayng replied to your post:All hail the gain butt
booty be praised!

Thank!! \o/

chanheexlee replied to your post:All hail the gain butt
I’m kinda scared.

You should be. You’ll die of nose bleed.

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It’s hard to miss. I just polished it 


But you’re always shining! You’re a super star! No need to polish.

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